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In-Memory Database Business Value

Clearly, in-memory technology offers increased information processing capabili­ties, and expectations are rising. What role can it play in terms of business value, and what does it mean for the retail industry in particular? Learn about 5 scenarios that might transform the retail business. Continue reading

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NFC Contactless Payment – Identifying the Transformational Opportunities for the Retail Value Chain

With the advent of swipe-free payment approaches, the nirvana of a cashless economy has come another step closer to becoming a reality. Whilst technologists fixate on the mass adoption of functionally rich Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile handsets, behind the scenes NFC payment offers an opportunity for players within the retail payment chain to gain significant competitive advantage. But who stands to benefit the most from the inevitable mass adoption of NFC?

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Reacting in the Retail Moment

Analyzing Big Data in Real Time to Forge a Competitive Advantage

Transforming ever-multiplying data into information that supports real-time decisions is the key to better addressing customer demand, outperforming the competition, and improving margins. Demand changes not monthly or weekly but by the day, hour, and minute. In-memory computing is the only information management technique that reliably impacts performance as it happens. Continue reading