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A Global HR Transformation: How a Leading Company Leveraged the Innovative Power of IT

Introducing an integrated IT system and harmonizing the business processes of a global player in the consumer goods industry with 50,000 employees is complex and challenging. Focusing on the Human Resources (HR) function of this corporation, we look into the specific challenges and ben­efits of the global transformation. While, at the beginning, the business value of the new HR system was concealed, the IT system proved to be a major driver not only of HR process improvements and innovations but also of strategic and cultural change. This case is an insightful example for the enormous business benefits that can be gained through IT-driven process transformation. Based on the findings, we derive key learnings that may support similar transformation projects of such scope. Continue reading

Case of the Month August 2012 – Shell Human Resources Transformation

The selected article of this month describes how Shell’s HR functions in the late 1990`s moved from a country-based to a regional grouping in order to gain some scale and commonality in work processes. Between these mega regions, however, there were still great differences. HR management realized that in order to be more efficient and professional, they had to move towards a centralized global organization and make a major investment in a common IT platform purchased from the software giant SAP.

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Vodafone Answers Call to Transformation

The “Evolution Vodafone” (EVO) Business Transformation Programme, started in 2006, transforms value chain back office processes. This, in turn, has enabled Vodafone’s local operating companies to focus on value creation. EVO is introducing one ‘Future State Operating Model’ (FSOM) that works across supply chain, human resources (HR) and finance functions to deliver a globally unified set of standardized business processes. Fundamental aspects of this program were the creation of a new Core Business Model, Vodafone Procurement Center, and Shared Service Organization, underpinned by a global SAP platform. EVO is due for completion by 2012.

Vodafone’s ongoing business transformation project “Evolution Vodafone” has given the global communications company a future-proof business model that saves money and invests in innovation. Continue reading