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Lean Transformation at Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Cars looks back on their lean transformation efforts started more than fifteen years ago. Establishing the Mercedes-Benz Production System (MPS) as a closed system had laid the foundation for lean management principles. Two departments were formed, the MPS Training Center and MPS Support. The educated MPS Experts help analyze business processes, consult with management, and oversee transformation projects. A “model factory” simulates processes and adapts the training content to the existing knowledge of the participants. Collaborative efforts in lean management optimize the processes, saved money, and improve customer satisfaction and employee communication, which solves problems in less time. Continue reading

Meta Management

Connecting the Parts of Business Transformation

In response to the limitations of existing methods and management approaches and in view of the complexity of business transformation, successful business transformation management can be seen as a Meta Management discipline that integrates and extends individual management disciplines. In the course of the article, an overview of the current state of research is given and hence the causes for creating a holistic approach. Then, Meta Management is briefly described and put into the context of business transformation management. It is explained why Meta Management augments the likelihood of a successful transformation. The authors emphasize that Meta Management may not be seen as a cookery book for any intricacy during a transformation, but is well meant to provide a framework for coherent, consistent, and successful business transformation management. Continue reading

Transformation Management Survey

Current State of Development and Potential of Transformation Management in Practice

A lot of global companies are currently carrying out major change projects with high strategic relevance. These transformation programs combine business and technical content where information systems and management come together. The following article explains what characterizes current transformation programs and the potential that can be leveraged by applying a holistic transformation management approach. Companies that rate themselves as mature in regard to transformation management assess certain transformation aspects differently than less mature companies. Continue reading