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Business Transformation Orchestration

Business transformation has been happening for centuries, but not until recently has an integrated, holistic and proven approach been available to help orchestrate the entire transformation effort.

These days, it is almost second nature that high-value projects are expected to adopt one of the project management best practice approaches such as PRINCE2 or PMBoK. Similarly, programme management has slowly but surely followed suit with the likes of MSP. But ironically, the business transformation environment (that projects and programmes live within) has lacked its own methodology, and this has resulted in transformations being driven by a best-endeavours and silo approach; as opposed to a proven integrated and holistic best practice approach using a common language and structure.

The low success-rates of 30% and less, uncovered by research conducted by the Business Transformation Academy (BTA) and others, are a consequence of transformations that lack a proven approach and the right transformation management capability.

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Case of the Month December 2013 – Success and Failure in Transformation

This article reports the results of an analysis of 13 business transformation case studies. Some were successful, some failed and the rest were partly successful. It shows how the BTM2 disciplines influence the outcomes and explains why some are more successful than the others.

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BTM2 and ASAP – SAP’s Perfect Match

The Business Transformation Management Methodology and the ASAP Methodol­ogy for Implementation are two prominent methodologies introduced by SAP AG in order to react to ever changing environments. However, the scope of application is different for both cases. In fact, there exists a huge synergy potential between both methodologies, which are discussed in this article. Continue reading

Case of the Month January 2013 – BTM2 and ASAP

The selected article of this month describes the similarities and differences between the BTM² and the ASAP method – two prominent methodologies introduced by SAP. The article was composed in the style of a previous 360° method comparison article in order to illustrate the synergy potential of these methodologies. Continue reading

Rollout to a Smart Energy World

Utility companies from all over the world are increasingly under pressure to take responsibility and action for the mega trends of the 21st century: to slow down global warming and climate change by dramatically increasing energy efficiency and sustainable use of (renewable) resources. In this context, smart metering and smart grids are a set of
enabling technologies and concepts that are expected to be implemented by utilities to a large extent until 2020. It requires more than “just technology” for utilities to survive the “energy revolution” (German: “Energie Wende”). New organizations, business models, and markets with new players will emerge and require the whole industry to transform. This study applies BTM2 to assess a smart meter rollout pilot project at RheinEnergie AG, and answers the following question: What will it take a utility company to master the mass rollout of smart meters as a first step of the energy revolution, and to be prepared to successfully take the further steps? Continue reading