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Case of the Month November 2014 – Mega Projects: A Focus on the Airbus Plant Expansion and the Elbphilharmonie Construction in the Hamburg Metropolitan

Mega projects are by their size, number of stakeholders, and value at stake unique and barely reproducible. These projects are instrumental for the success of a regionʼs economic development. As a consequence, they are also under scrutiny by the media, and political and economic stakeholders. The financial and political risks are at the level of their reward.

On November 10-11, at the SAP Business Transformation Summit 2014, the attendees heard two great keynotes discussing not only the factors that influence the success and failure of mega projects (keynote by Hartmut Wegener), but also talking about the power relations that come with the unparalleled complexity, scale, and multi-faceted stakeholder relationships (keynote by Prof. Stewart Clegg). For the Case of the Month, we decided to give you a closer look at the first one.  Continue reading

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Case of the Month October 2014 – Serendipity: The Puzzling Story of a Process Optimization for Alcohol-Free Beer

Though the Oktoberfest was over a month ago, we would like to present you a case about beer. This time – without alcohol. Alcohol-free beer has become a real “lifestyle” beverage lately. However, removing the alcohol from the beer while retaining its natural flavors and healthy ingredients is not a straightforward task. The expertise about this dealcoholization process, along with the necessary equipment, has mostly remained the providence of the goliaths of the beer market.

So the question is: How can the smaller breweries deal with this and what could be done? – Developing a compact and affordable dealcoholization unit for small and medium-sized breweries was certainly an enthralling project idea… Continue reading

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A closer look at Apple’s Business Model

The business model of Apple Inc. is a fascinating case to look at. A close-up quickly reveals its complexity. Think of its hardware (e.g., iMac, iPhone, or iPad), its software (e.g., Final Cut Pro, Aperture, or Logic Pro), its licenses (e.g., Apple Store Merchandise, “Made for iPhone” (MFI)-Program), the App-Store etc. Not to forget is the considerable amount of cash flow Apple invests at the financial markets. Apple knows more than just one model how to earn money, and it’s undoubtedly successful: In 2013, they generated revenues of app. $ 174 billion1, which is a 5.7% increase compared to 2012. Continue reading

Case of the Month January 2014 – Vodafone Answers Call to Transformation

Vodafone’s ongoing business transformation project “Evolution Vodafone” has given the global communications company a future-proof business model that saves money and invests in innovation.

Continue reading

Case of the Month October 2013 – Transforming Insurances: Changing Fundamentally While Maintaining Trust

Insurance used to be a stable, somewhat boring business about mitigating private and corporate risks. This is about to change. We present the drivers, explore practic­es to improve transformation readiness, and discuss the implications for research. Continue reading