The Downturn of a Battleship – How the Proud British Automotive Industry Failed to Transform

This article describes how the former proud and strong British automotive industry went through a series of failed transformation until it finally collapsed. It is the first time we apply the BTM2 framework not only to a single enterprise but to an entire industry. We then realized that the same principles that cause disasters on a micro-economical level are also true on a macro-economic level. Continue reading

BTM2 and ASAP – SAP’s Perfect Match

The Business Transformation Management Methodology and the ASAP Methodol­ogy for Implementation are two prominent methodologies introduced by SAP AG in order to react to ever changing environments. However, the scope of application is different for both cases. In fact, there exists a huge synergy potential between both methodologies, which are discussed in this article. Continue reading

Case of the Month February 2013 – Next Generation IT Strategy

In the case of the Month February 2013 authors discuss the Next Generation IT Strategy. The aim of this article is to identify the opportunities for transforming businesses by taking advantage of the new technologies. This article introduces the Digital Capability Framework to assess the potential for improvement and the readiness for transforming into a Digital Enterprise based on the new technology trends, also showing how to make most use of those opportunities. Continue reading

Shifting the Airline Business Model

National flag carriers are struggling for survival, not only due to classical reasons such as increase in fuel and tax or natural disasters, but largely due to the inability to quickly adapt to its competitive environment – the emergence of budget and Persian Gulf airlines. In this research, we investigate how airlines can transform their business models via technological and strategic capabilities to become profitable and sustainable passenger experience companies. To formulate recommendations, we analyze customer sentiments via social media to understand what people are saying about the airlines. Continue reading

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