The Transformational CIO

In today’s complex, global business world, transformation – despite its original meaning of complete and utter change – has become the norm, both a buzzword and a real, ongoing environment in which change is the only constant. Successful CIOs must not only monitor and react to ongoing change, but also use their skill and knowledge to initiate and support desirable transformation throughout the organization. Whether that transformation takes the shape of mergers and acquisitions, introduction of shared services, business process outsourcing, implementation of enterprise software, or sustainability initiatives, IT will always be involved, and confident leadership is the factor that can spell the difference between success and failure and can help to integrate transformational skills into the DNA of the organization.

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The Global Predicament

It Cannot be Solved by This Society

It is argued that the global sustainability predicament cannot be solved in or by consumer-capitalist society. The problems are basically due to rich world levels of consumption, resource use, and ecological impact that are all far too high and cannot be sufficiently reduced while the commitments to affluence and growth remain. The solution has to be a vast and radical transition to some form of Simpler Way, where all can have a satisfactory quality of life on far lower percapita-resource use. Such a vision is outlined. The prospects for such a transition are not good, but it is argued that this is the only path whereby a sustainable and just world can be achieved.

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Vodafone Answers Call to Transformation

The “Evolution Vodafone” (EVO) Business Transformation Programme, started in 2006, transforms value chain back office processes. This, in turn, has enabled Vodafone’s local operating companies to focus on value creation. EVO is introducing one ‘Future State Operating Model’ (FSOM) that works across supply chain, human resources (HR) and finance functions to deliver a globally unified set of standardized business processes. Fundamental aspects of this program were the creation of a new Core Business Model, Vodafone Procurement Center, and Shared Service Organization, underpinned by a global SAP platform. EVO is due for completion by 2012.

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The World is Going Mobile

Are you ready to transform your business?

In 2011, the world is truly going mobile due to a combination of key trends. These trends are acting as significant external drivers to business transformation. In this article we examine the effects these drivers are having, and – from a strategic, operational, and transformational perspective – how businesses can prepare to harness them to transform their organization.

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